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Dean's Dashboard

The Dean’s Dashboard is a free, computerized, open source tool that helps the leaders of educational institutions manage their schools more efficiently. The dashboard allows school leaders to systematically define strategic, indicator-based goals for their educational programs and routinely monitor progress toward achieving them. Charts and graphs created and monitored on the dashboard can be easily saved, shared, and integrated into presentations, brochures, websites, and other key management materials. A school’s management team can download and customize the standard dashboard linked to this page, or build their own customized dashboard using the most recent version of the powerful DHIS2 software. The step-by-step user’s manual and DHIS2 expert community provide guidance and support to install, customize, and maximize the use of the dashboard for data-driven decision making.

Using Health Workforce Data to Improve Access to Services

CapacityPlus expanded use of the open source human resources information systems platform, iHRIS, to enable countries to use data to make decisions to more effectively recruit and deploy health workers for increased access to services and to track health worker qualifications and education pipelines; the iHRIS software is now used in 20 countries to manage almost a million health worker records at a potential cost savings of over $275 million when compared to commercial software.

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS): A Review across States of India

India faces critical human resources shortages for key cadres such as doctors, specialists, nurses, and midwives. Other key challenges include suboptimal deployment of staff exacerbated by a skewed urban-rural distribution, gaps in certain specialties, and inefficient use of staff due to poor rationalization of tasks. Lack of comprehensive, reliable, and up-to-date data and an absence of commonly agreed definitions and analytical tools make the task of managing the health workforce more difficult. This study reviewed human resources information systems (HRIS) across all 28 states and 7 union territories to assess their purpose, scope, coverage, software technology, usability, and sustainability. The study points out the need for a national HRIS framework to move all states to a web-based platform with common technologies and data structures.

Kayode Odusote: A West African Perspective on Open Source

In this video clip, Professor Kayode Odusote talks about how he’s helping West African countries with their health workforce information systems, and why CapacityPlus’s open source iHRIS software suits their needs.

Sistemas de información de recursos humanos para la salud

¿Cómo pueden los países recolectar y utilizar información sobre la fuerza laboral de salud para incrementar el acceso a servicios de salud?

Amélioration des systèmes de santé grâce à l’open source

Le Dr. Alvin Marcelo, professeur adjoint en chirurgie et en informatique médicale à l’Université des Philippines à Manille, nous parle de son projet consistant à recourir à un ensemble d’applications pour produire des informations agrégées permettant aux chefs de file du secteur sanitaire de remédier à certaines lacunes du système et d’améliorer les résultats sanitaires.

Suivi du personnel de santé au Botswana

Kabelo Bitsang, administrateur iHRIS pour le ministère de la santé du Botswana, explique comment le ministère utilise le logiciel open source et gratuit produit par le projet CapacityPlus pour procéder au suivi et à la gestion du personnel de santé national.

Improving Health Systems with the Power of Open Source

Dr. Alvin Marcelo, associate professor of surgery and medical informatics at the University of the Philippines Manila, talks about his plan to use a set of applications to produce aggregated information that can help health-sector leaders address gaps and improve health outcomes. Also available in French.

Les systèmes d’information du personnel de santé

Comment les pays peuvent-ils recueillir et utiliser des données sur les effectifs sanitaires pour accroître l’accès aux soins ?

Tracking All Health Workers in Botswana

Kabelo Bitsang, iHRIS administrator at the Botswana Ministry of Health, explains how the Ministry is using CapacityPlus’s free, open source software to track and manage the country's health workforce. Also available in French.

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