The CapacityPlus monthly newsletter featured global health workforce news, events, and opinions as well as updates on this USAID-funded project.

May 2015

  • Save the Date: CapacityPlus End-of-Project Event

April 2015

  • Promoting Gender Equality in the Health Workforce: An Advocacy Tool
  • Mali Uses Health Workforce Data to Improve Access to Care for Those Most in Need
  • Building a Strong Health System by Focusing on Health Workers

March 2015

  • Dominican Republic Focuses on Health Workforce Systems to Achieve an AIDS-Free Generation
  • Use of an Interactive Voice Response System to Deliver Refresher Training in Senegal
  • Investing in the Next Generation of Health Workers

February 2015

  • Health Workforce Productivity Analysis and Improvement Toolkit
  • Rapid Retention Survey Toolkit, Revised Edition
  • Small College Makes Big Changes to Train More Health Workers

December 2014/January 2015

  • Scaling Up Health Workforce Education and Training
  • Nigeria Spotlight
  • Social Service Workers in HIV/AIDS-Affected Contexts

November 2014

  • Dominican Republic Improves Access to Health Services by Strengthening Human Resources Management
  • iHRIS Champions in Ghana Share Success with Using Health Workforce Data
  • Faith-Based Organizations Spotlight

October 2014

  • Partnering with Faith-Based Organizations to Build a Strong Health Workforce
  • Improving Medical Education
  • Health Workforce Productivity Course

September 2014

  • Increasing Access to HIV and Family Planning Services
  • Using Evidence for Health Workforce Decision-Making
  • Engaging Health School Leaders in Health Policy

August 2014

  • Mobile Technology Can Equip Health Workers for Ebola Challenges Ahead
  • African Medical Schools Build Capacity
  • Join Us at Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

July 2014

  • India Uses iHRIS to Improve Health Service Delivery
  • Social Service Workforce Spotlight
  • Transitioning Health Worker Support

June 2014

  • Gender and Health Systems Strengthening
  • iHRIS Knowledge-Sharing Event
  • An HIV Peer Counselor in the Dominican Republic

May 2014 

  • eLearning and Medical Education in Ghana: More Health Workers at the End of the Day
  • Christian Health Association of Ghana Chooses iHRIS for Managing and Supporting Health Workers
  • Using Data Standards to Support Health Workers

April 2014

  • Better Data, Stronger Health Workforce: The Open Source iHRIS Approach
  • Innovative Approach Helps Countries Strengthen Their Health Workforce
  • In Their Own Words: “I'm a Health Worker”

March 2014

  • Countries Save $149 Million with iHRIS Software
  • Dominican Republic Spotlight
  • Supporting Country-Led Efforts to Recruit and Retain Health Workers and Improve Their Productivity

February 2014

  • New Tool for Managing Health Worker Education
  • Mali Spotlight
  • Delivering Over a Thousand Textbooks for Students in Nigeria

January 2014

  • Applying WISN in Namibia
  • Uganda Spotlight
  • Upcoming Events

November/December 2013

  • Outcomes from the Third Global Forum on HRH
  • A Tool for the Health Supply Chain Workforce
  • iHRIS Spotlight

October 2013

  • A Global Focus on the Role of the Health Worker
  • Net Costs of Health Worker Rural Incentive Packages
  • Selected Health Workforce Tools

September 2013

  • Uganda Improves Service Delivery by Focusing on Health Workers
  • 1,200 Nigerian Midwifery Students Receive Support to Finish School
  • El Salvador Spotlight

August 2013

  • Strengthening Health Workforce Management
  • HRH Global Resource Center Update
  • Moving Past Obstacles to Strengthen the Health Workforce in Nigeria

July 2013

  • Improving Access to Supplies for HIV Services
  • New Leadership and Strategic Plan to Further Goals of the People that Deliver Initiative
  • Guatemala Adopts iHRIS to Manage Health Workforce

June 2013

  • New Study on Family Planning and the Health Workforce
  • Improving Health Worker Retention and Productivity
  • Partnering for Progress

May 2013

  • Successful Health Workforce Strengthening
  • Network of African Parliamentary Committees of Health to Focus on Health Workforce Issues
  • Harnessing mLearning for Training Health Workers

March/April 2013

  • Scaling Up Health Worker Production: The Bottlenecks and Best Buys Approach
  • Innovative Financing Options for the Preservice Education of Health Professionals
  • Malik Jaffer Brings Health Workforce and Systems Expertise to CapacityPlus

February 2013

  • New HR Management Tool for the Health Workforce
  • How a Mobile Directory is Helping Eliminate Unqualified Health Providers
  • Addressing Shortages of Health Workers in Remote Areas

January 2013

  • Strengthening the Health Worker Pipeline
  • New Tool for Health Worker Data
  • Kenechanh Chanthapadith: “I’m a Health Worker”

December 2012

  • New Health Worker Retention Toolkit
  • eLearning Course on Rapid Retention Survey Toolkit
  • Maternal Health in Rwanda

November 2012

  • Health Workforce Tools and Resources
  • New Recruitment and Retention Policy
  • Mozambique Spotlight

October 2012

  • New Costing Tool for Retaining Health Workers
  • Guidance for Continuing Professional Development
  • New Leadership

September 2012

  • Keeping Health Workers Safe on the Job
  • Health Workers and Service Integration
  • Supply Chain Workforce Resources

August 2012

  • New eLearning Course on Monitoring and Evaluation of HRH
  • Study on Preferences for Working in Rural Clinics
  • Dominican Republic Passes Law for Health Worker Careers

July 2012

  • Achieving Excellence in the Supply Chain Workforce
  • How Can Countries Scale Up Education of Health Workers to Meet Health Care Needs?
  • Refining What It Means to Measure Health Workforce Progress

May/June 2012

  • Governance Approaches to Reducing Absenteeism
  • West Africa’s Regional Approach to Strengthening Health Workforce Information
  • Foundations of Gender Equality in the Health Workforce

April 2012

  • Developing a Rural Retention Strategy
  • Scaling Up and Transforming Health Professional Education
  • HRH Global Resource Center Launches Health Worker Policy Advocacy Collection

March 2012

  • Strengthening the Health Workforce with Faith-Based Organizations
  • Tackling the Social Welfare Workforce Shortage
  • Bringing Health Workforce Information to the Public

February 2012

  • Scaling Up Health Worker Education
  • Uganda's National System for Health Workforce Data
  • HRH Global Resource Center Reaches 3,000

January 2012

  • Understanding Health Worker Preferences
  • Growing the Global iHRIS Community
  • Role of Community Members and Workers in Social Services

December 2011

  • Health Workers and Population Growth
  • Nursing Education Partnership Initiative Launched in Five Countries
  • African Health Ministers Commit to eHealth

November 2011

  • Population Growth and the Global Health Workforce Crisis
  • Uganda Prepares for Health Worker Compensation Study
  • Sharing Information and Tools for Health Systems Strengthening

October 2011

  • Taking Action Together on the Health Workforce
  • Creating Legislation for Health Careers in the Dominican Republic
  • Highlighting Health Workers’ Contribution to Family Planning and Reproductive Health

September 2011

  • Motivating Health Workers to Serve in Rural Lao PDR
  • Models for Training Frontline Social Service Workers
  • New Versions of Health Worker Information Systems Software

August 2011

  • Guidance for Using Health Workforce Tools
  • Improving Health Systems with the Power of Open Source
  • Dominican Republic Strengthens Management of Health Workers

July 2011

  • New Resource for Health Systems Strengthening
  • Taking Steps to Retain Health Workers in Rural Laos
  • Strengthening the Social Service Workforce

June 2011

  • New eLearning Course
  • Tracking All Health Workers in Botswana
  • Preparing Health Workers to Meet Women’s Reproductive Health Needs in Mali

May 2011

  • Determining Priority Retention Packages
  • Supporting the Dominican Republic's Focus on Public Health HR Management
  • Making Work Safe for Health Workers

April 2011

  • Stakeholder Leadership Groups
  • Faith-Based Organizations: Using HR Management to Support Health Workers
  • Lao People's Democratic Republic to Implement Health Worker Retention Tool

March 2011

  • Tracking and Monitoring the Health Workforce
  • Implementing Health Workforce Plans Together
  • Christian Health Assocations Target Maternal and Child Health

February 2011

  • Global Advisory Board on Strengthening Medical, Nursing, and Public Health Schools in Developing Countries
  • Country Action for the Health Workforce: A Powerful Framework
  • Tools for Strengthening the Health Workforce

January 2011

  • Second Global Forum on Human Resources for Health
  • Partnering to Keep Health Workers in the Communities That Need Them
  • Promoting National Health Information Systems in West Africa

December 2010

  • Building Local Capacity in Health Worker Information Systems
  • New iHRIS Software Product, iHRIS Retain, Coded In-Country
  • Social Welfare Workforce Strengthening Conference

November 2010

  • CapacityPlus Presents Top Innovation at HIV/AIDS Meeting
  • African Platform on Human Resources for Health Consultation Meeting
  • Examining the Growing Role of the Private Sector in Global Health

October 2010

  • Interview with Doris Mwarey, Africa Christian Health Associations Platform
  • Health Information System (HIS) Unconference
  • Health Worker Retention Survey Tested in Uganda

September 2010

  • Promising Practices to Build Human Resources Capacity in HIV Strategic Information
  • Uganda Ministry of Health Takes Next Steps with HRH Retention Strategy
  • Helping Nigeria to Track Certification and Licensing of Nurses and Midwives

August 2010

  • Improving Rural Retention of Health Workers in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  • New Initiative Encourages Countries to Address Health Workforce Challenges
  • Work Climate Improvement: Addressing HIV in the Workplace