What We Do

Social Service Workforce

CapacityPlus worked to strengthen the social service workforce and contribute to more effective systems that improve the lives of vulnerable children and families.

IntraHealth International, as lead partner of CapacityPlus, acted as fiscal sponsor and host to the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance. The Alliance serves as a platform for members from over 60 countries to exchange information, develop tools and resources, and advocate for the social service workforce. Interest groups help advance knowledge and tools related to thematic areas of concern to members. A webinar series provides a cost-effective method of identifying and disseminating promising practices for providing better care and support to vulnerable populations. A symposium and other conferences and gatherings supported by the Alliance bring together experts to discuss the importance of strengthening the social service workforce worldwide.

CapacityPlus carried out a number of global-level activities in collaboration with PEPFAR, UNICEF, and a range of other partners, such as refining a framework for planning, developing, and supporting the social service workforce and documenting the status of an emerging social service workforce cadre through a situational analysis of the Twinning Center para-social worker training program in Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

Working with a range of stakeholders, CapacityPlus conducted or contributed to social service workforce assessments and gap analyses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe.

CapacityPlus built education and training institution capacity in Malawi and Nigeria to produce qualified and appropriately placed workers to fill gaps in the delivery of social services.

The project assisted Tanzania to adapt and use iHRIS software to capture information on its social service workforce for better planning and decision-making.

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