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Accroître les compétences locales à travers les systèmes d’information du personnel de santé : « Cela vaut tout l’or du monde. »

Kayode Odusote de l’Organisation ouest-africaine de la santé présente la manière dont il se sert du logiciel iHRIS du projet CapacityPlus pour aider les pays à collecter et à utiliser les données relatives au personnel de santé.

"Worth More than Any Money:" Building Local Capacity in Health Worker Information Systems

Kayode Odusote of the West African Health Organization discusses how he's using CapacityPlus's iHRIS software to help countries gather and use health worker data. Also available in French.

Sharing Best Practices through Online Communities of Practice: A Case Study

Human Resources for Health published an article, “Sharing best practices through online communities of practice: A case study.” The study focuses on the effectiveness of the Global Alliance for Pre-Service Education’s online forums, which were launched under the Capacity Project, the predecessor to CapacityPlus.

Retaining Hospital Workers: A Rapid Methodology to Determine Incentive Packages

The International Hospital Federation’s quarterly journal World Hospitals and Health Services published a CapacityPlus article, “Retaining hospital workers: A rapid methodology to determine incentive packages” (begins on page 8). The article describes CapacityPlus’s work on an innovative retention survey tool that can be used to help keep health workers in the facilities where they are needed, and increase access to health care.

Strengthening the Uganda Nurses' and Midwives' Association for a Motivated Workforce

International Nursing Review published a study conducted by the Capacity Project, the predecessor to CapacityPlus. “Strengthening the Uganda nurses’ and midwives’ association for a motivated workforce” presents results from a survey of nurses that was designed to develop policy recommendations for strengthening the association and improving nurse retention. The study concludes that in order to improve motivation and quality of care, investments should be channeled through professional associations that can provide tangible support for nurses such as professional development, mentoring, and networking.

Satisfaction, Motivation, and Intent to Stay among Ugandan Physicians: A Survey from 18 National Hospitals

The International Journal of Health Planning and Management published a study conducted by the Capacity Project, the predecessor to CapacityPlus. “Satisfaction, motivation, and intent to stay among Ugandan physicians: a survey from 18 national hospitals” found that nearly half of the doctors were so dissatisfied that they would consider leaving the health sector or the country. The report concludes that policy-makers should consider interventions to remedy the quality of management, availability of equipment and supplies, facility infrastructure, workload, and professional development, which are reported as major sources of dissatisfaction.

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