Measuring the Success of the HRH Global Resource Center

In 2006, IntraHealth International, as implementer of the USAID-funded Capacity Project, developed and launched the HRH Global Resource Center, a digital library committed to reducing access barriers in developing countries to the best human resources for health information available. Since the launch, the HRH Global Resource Center has transformed in response to usage, feedback, and changes in the field. This article in Knowledge Management for Development shares IntraHealth’s experiences developing, using, and refining monitoring and evaluation methods and metrics for the HRH Global Resource Center.

HRH Global Resource Center eLearning: A Portal for Learning and Training

An overview of the HRH Global Resource’s eLearning program, which offers free courses in human resources for health, health informatics, and health service delivery to build the capacity of country-based users in critical skills development.

Human Resources for Health (HRH) Indicator Compendium

HRH Indicator CompendiumThis compendium provides a list of published indicators on human resources for health (HRH) and is intended as a tool for HRH systems strengthening practitioners interested in monitoring HRH projects and programs.

HRH Global Resource Center: A Tool for Research and Information

An overview of the HRH Global Resource Center, a digital library dedicated to health workforce issues in developing countries.

Sharing Best Practices through Online Communities of Practice: A Case Study

Human Resources for Health published an article, “Sharing best practices through online communities of practice: A case study.” The study focuses on the effectiveness of the Global Alliance for Pre-Service Education’s online forums, which were launched under the Capacity Project, the predecessor to CapacityPlus.

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