Continuing Professional Development

Report of Training Needs Assessment for Community Health Workers in South-South Geopolitical Region of Nigeria

One of the recommendations from a 2013 CapacityPlus assessment of PEPFAR-funded in-service training in Nigeria was to ensure broader access to new developments in knowledge and technology, as well as sustainability of training, by integrating the in-service training contents into preservice education curricula and continuing professional development programs. This assessment explored community health extension worker and community health officer perceptions of globally-accepted competency domains for public health practitioners across the areas of importance, and confidence in their ability to demonstrate those competencies. To corroborate findings at the domain level, the assessment also assessed these health workers at the individual skill/ability levels, which are mapped to the competency domain areas. Need scores were calculated for each competency domain and individual skill/ability levels. A need score ranking placed the need for computer and information technology access and skills as the top priority among health workers who participated in the study. Financial planning and management and public health science skills ranked a close second and third. Read more »

Spaced Education: An Innovative Learning Methodology to Support Health Workforces

An overview of CapacityPlus's collaboration with on eLearning courses that educate health workers on topics that are contextually significant.

Professionalization of Under-Recognized Health Worker Cadres

An overview of the Life Cycle Approach, which has been developed to systematically address all the crucial steps in the professionalization of under-recognized health worker cadres.

Keeping Up to Date: Continuing Professional Development for Health Workers in Developing Countries

In order for health workers to provide quality care and meet their communities’ changing health care needs, they must become lifelong learners dedicated to updating their professional knowledge, skills, values, and practice. This technical brief summarizes the literature concerning current best practices and innovative ideas in continuing professional development (CPD). It is targeted toward people who run or advise CPD programs.

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Strengthening Professional Associations for Health Workers

Describes the Capacity Project's models for strengthening professional associations.

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