CapacityPlus Joins the Positive Practice Environments Campaign

CapacityPlus has joined the International Council of Nurses, International Pharmaceutical Federation, World Confederation for Physical Therapy, World Dental Federation, World Medical Association, and International Hospital Federation in the Positive Practice Environments Campaign as an international collaborating organization.  Read more »

Serving Health Workers, Saving Lives: Introducing CapacityPlus

CapacityPlus is the USAID-funded global project uniquely focused on the health workforce needed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. A trained, motivated, and supported health workforce provides access to vital health information, services, and commodities. Yet there is a global shortage of 4.3 million health workers and the World Health Organization has named 57 countries facing a health worker crisis. Read more »

Strengthening the Health Workforce Needed to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals

CapacityPlus serves partner countries and multilateral organizations by offering state-of-the-art expertise, models, tools, training, and analyses adapted to each context. These services help countries move closer to having the right health worker in the right place with the right skills and support. We work with public, nonprofit, faith-based, and for-profit organizations contributing to better human resources for health (HRH). Read more »

The HRH Global Resource Center: A CapacityPlus Featured Resource

A CapacityPlus key resource, the HRH Global Resource Center is a digital library devoted to human resources for health (HRH). More than 40,000 visitors each month from over 170 countries visit the site. The HRH Global Resource Center helps users from all levels of the health system find resources and evidence they can use in their work. Read more »

Placing Health Workers at the Center of All Our Efforts: Our Vision

Our vision focuses on saving lives and improving health through significant change in the health workforce. To that end, we place health workers at the center of all our efforts. Read more »

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