Building Local Capacity to Gather and Use Health Worker Data

The CapacityPlus Voices series shows the impact of the project’s work in the words of individuals. “Worth More than Any Money:” Building Local Capacity in Health Worker Information Systems features Kayode Odusote’s experiences with helping West African countries to gather and use health worker data. Read more »

New Publication Out on the Effectiveness of Online Forums for Health Workers

Earlier this month, Human Resources for Health published an article, “Sharing best practices through online communities of practice: A case study,” which argues that online forums are useful venues for medical, nursing, and midwifery students, especially in developing countries, to learn and share key skills and reproductive health knowledge that can prevent maternal death and disability. Read more »

CapacityPlus’s New iHRIS Software Product Being Coded In-Country

CapacityPlus’s new iHRIS software product, iHRIS Retain, is being coded in-country by two developers in Uganda, Stephen Ocaya and Nobert Mijumbi. This Open Source software is designed to help cost interventions to retain rural health workers, and is based on the World Health Organization’s global policy recommendations for rural retention. Read more »

CapacityPlus Contributes to Social Welfare Workforce Conference in South Africa

CapacityPlus’s James McCaffery played an active role in the Social Welfare Workforce Strengthening Conference, held on November 15-18 in Cape Town, South Africa. The conference’s theme was “Investing in those who care for children.” Read more »

Introducing Shaun Noronha, Health Workforce Officer

In November, Shaun Noronha joined IntraHealth International's Washington, DC office and serves as the CapacityPlus health workforce officer. Read more about Shaun's background in his expert profile.

Welcome, Shaun. How did you become interested in working on human resources for health issues?
I trained as a physician in India, and after completing my medical studies, I worked for one year as a medical intern, and then one year with two nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that focused on community-based maternal and child health. Read more »

HRH Global Resource Center November Newsletter

This monthly update from the HRH Global Resource Center provides information on the latest resources, improvements, and news from this digital library devoted to human resources for health. Please contact us with your questions and suggested resources. Read more »

A Global Gathering on Research and Tools for Health Systems Strengthening

CapacityPlus played an active role in the First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, held on November 16-19 in Montreux, Switzerland. Maurice Middleberg, CapacityPlus director and IntraHealth International vice president for global policy, joined 1,200 participants from 100 countries to review current research on health systems and discuss strategies for strengthening the field. Read more »

Studies from Uganda Highlight Factors in Retaining Health Workers

Two journals recently published studies conducted by the IntraHealth International-led Capacity Project, the predecessor to CapacityPlus. The studies examine key factors in remedying Uganda’s severe shortage of health workers. Both articles were coauthored by Pamela A. McQuide, who is currently IntraHealth’s deputy director of the Capacity Kenya project. Read more »

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