Our Experts

Our Experts

James McCaffery, Training Resources Group (TRG), Senior Advisor
James McCaffery is a founding member of TRG—one of the partners on the CapacityPlus project—and has over 30 years’ experience helping to build the capacity of ministry planners, human resources management units, USAID missions, private sector groups, nongovernmental organizations, and community groups in developing countries. For CapacityPlus, he oversees and guides all health systems strengthening activities, with particular responsibility for partnership, policy, planning and human resources management system strengthening initiatives. For the last 25 years he has played a major role in growing TRG into a well-respected consulting firm that has worked in 100 countries. His international work spans 18 countries in North and sub-Saharan Africa, Asia/Near East, and Central America, and includes strategic planning and system strengthening work with 10 USAID missions and four USAID bureaus. He has a PhD in education from the University of Wisconsin.


  • Facilitating human resources for health (HRH) strategic planning processes
  • Processes for converting plans into action
  • Human resources management system strengthening
  • HRH stakeholder leadership facilitation processes and capacity-building
  • Organizational development
  • Training of trainers
  • Performance improvement

Selected Publications
Adano, Ummaro, and Jim McCaffery. 2007. Planning, developing, and supporting the health workforce:Human Resources for Health Action Workshop. Chapel Hill, NC: Capacity Project.

Adano, Ummaro, Jim McCaffery, Paul Ruwoldt, and Barbara Stilwell. 2008. Human resources for health: Tackling the human resource management piece of the puzzle. Technical Brief no. 14. Chapel Hill, NC: Capacity Project. http://www.capacityproject.org/images/stories/files/techbrief_14.pdf

Buchan, James, and Jim McCaffrey. 2007. Health workforce innovations: A synthesis of four promising practices. Health Workforce Promising Practices. Chapel Hill, NC: Capacity Project. http://www.capacityproject.org/images/stories/files/synthesis.pdf

McCaffrey, James. 2006. Addressing the crisis in human resources for health. Global Health Technical Briefs. Maximizing Access and Quality Initiative. http://www.maqweb.org/techbriefs/tb37capacity.pdf

Training Resources Group. 1992. How to use feedback to improve performance. How-To Articles for Trainers, Facilitators, and Group Leaders. Alexandria, VA: Training Resources Group. http://www.trg-inc.com/resources/articles/feedback.html

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