New Initiative Encourages Countries to Address Health Workforce Challenges

CapacityPlus's Wilma Gormley assisted in designing and facilitating a workshop in Cairo, Egypt, held July 12–14, that launched a new initiative of the Global Health Workforce Alliance. The Country Coordination and Facilitation initiative will address human resources for health (HRH) challenges in 17 countries by helping national stakeholders to develop and implement HRH advocacy plans, develop and implement evidence-based and costed HRH strategic plans, and monitor implementation progress. Read more »

Work Climate Improvement: Addressing HIV in the Workplace

Although the HIV epidemic is widely recognized as one of the world’s largest public health crises, its effects on the health sector’s work environment and role in the global health worker shortage are often overlooked. HIV places great burdens on health systems to provide treatment and prevention, taxing critically low numbers of health workers—a population also reduced by HIV and AIDS—and introducing new workplace challenges related to occupational health and safety, stigma, and discrimination. Read more »

HRH Global Resource Center July Update

This monthly update from the HRH Global Resource Center provides information on the latest resources, improvements, and news from this digital library devoted to human resources for health (HRH). Please contact us with your questions and suggested resources. Read more »

CapacityPlus Studies Schools’ Challenges to Produce Enough Nurses

The Nursing Education Partnership Initiative (NEPI)—the US Government’s unified program to address the underproduction of nursing professionals in developing countries—convened its partners for the first time in June in Washington, DC. NEPI’s goal is to assist in the nursing component of the US Government’s commitment to training 140,000 additional health workers in developing countries by 2015. Read more »

Coordinating Information Systems for Health in East Africa

CapacityPlus software developer Carl Leitner recently traveled to Kenya to advance the project’s initiatives to strengthen human resources information systems (HRIS). These initiatives entail furthering regional support of the iHRIS software, fostering collaboration with other health information systems implementers in the region, and gathering feedback for future HRIS trainings. Read more »

HRH Action Framework: A Featured Resource

The HRH Action Framework (HAF), a key resource for the CapacityPlus global project, is designed to assist governments and health managers to develop and implement strategies to achieve an effective and sustainable health workforce. By using a comprehensive approach, the HAF helps to address staff shortages, uneven distribution of staff, gaps in skills and competencies, low retention, and poor motivation, among other challenges. Read more »

Global Health Leaders Focus on Community Health Workers

The Global Health Workforce Alliance organized a consultation meeting in Montreux, Switzerland in April to assess major findings and recommendations of a comprehensive global review of community health workers (CHWs). The review is comprised of eight country case studies from Ethiopia, Mozambique, Uganda, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Brazil, and Haiti, with field experiences and perspectives of the various participants.

CapacityPlus Website Reviewed in British Nursing Journal

The best-selling nursing journal in the UK, Nursing Standard, published a positive review of the CapacityPlus website (Vol. 24, No. 39, June 2-8, 2010). Led by IntraHealth International, CapacityPlus is the USAID-funded global project uniquely focused on the health workforce needed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Read more »

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