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Country Action for the Health Workforce: A Powerful Framework

Mary Roroi of the National Department of Health in Papua New Guinea and Dr. Zulfiqar Khan of the World Health Organization in Pakistan discuss how they’re applying the HRH Action Framework to strengthen the health workforce. Also available in French.

Linking Challenges, Sharing Solutions: The Global Crisis in Human Resources for Health

This journal article suggests that strategies for remedying the global health workforce crisis could also be useful in North Carolina. The article points to specific resources such as the HRH Global Resource Center, the Learning for Performance methodology for in-service training, and the HRH Action Framework and website.

Accroître les compétences locales à travers les systèmes d’information du personnel de santé : « Cela vaut tout l’or du monde. »

Kayode Odusote de l’Organisation ouest-africaine de la santé présente la manière dont il se sert du logiciel iHRIS du projet CapacityPlus pour aider les pays à collecter et à utiliser les données relatives au personnel de santé.

Partnering to Keep Health Workers in the Communities That Need Them

Carmen Dolea of the World Health Organization talks about the challenge of retaining health workers in rural areas, and how CapacityPlus is helping to apply the WHO's new retention recommendations. Also available in French.

HRH Global Resource Center: A Tool for Research and Information

An overview of the HRH Global Resource Center, a digital library dedicated to health workforce issues in developing countries.

Resources in Spanish from the Capacity Project (2005-2009)

Collection of resources in Spanish produced by the Capacity Project (2005-2009), which strengthened human resources to implement quality health programming in developing countries.

Capacity Project Archived Website

The USAID-funded Capacity Project (2004-2009) preceded CapacityPlus. Its archived website contains tools and resources on planning, developing, and supporting the health workforce, as well as news and project results.

Knowledge Management and Human Resources for Health: Using Quality Information to Make Better Decisions

Illustrates the Capacity Project’s approach to integrating knowledge management into HRH strengthening activities and provides recommendations for future initiatives.