Partnering with African Faith-Based Organizations for a Strong Health Workforce

Faith-based organizations (FBOs) make immense contributions to the health sector in many parts of the world. Yet they are often not integrated into planning and resource allocations for national health systems, leading to service and system redundancies and gaps. FBOs also face numerous human resources for health (HRH) challenges, similar to other public- and private-sector institutions providing health services. The Africa Christian Health Associations Platform (ACHAP) has strengthened its members’ capacities to address HRH challenges with support from CapacityPlus. This technical brief presents examples from ACHAP members’ efforts to strengthen HRH and integrate FBOs into national health systems and the HRH community. The brief highlights achievements in selected areas, provides lessons learned, and offers seven key recommendations for furthering FBOs’ efforts.

Guidelines for Forming and Sustaining Stakeholder Leadership Groups

An overview of CapacityPlus’s stakeholder leadership group (SLG) guidelines, which provide a practical and clear set of actions that countries can take to successfully launch and sustain SLGs.

HRH Action Framework: A Comprehensive Approach for Addressing Health Workforce Issues

An overview of the HRH Action Framework, designed to assist governments and health managers to develop and implement strategies to achieve an effective and sustainable health workforce.

Using Collaborative Approaches to Reach Human Resources for Health (HRH) Goals

Offers best practices and lessons learned from a combination of key themes in current literature and practice regarding the benefits of collaborative ventures.

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