Rebecca Bailey

Community-Based Education Programs in Africa: Faculty Experience within the Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Network

This article examines the various models, challenges, and evaluative efforts of community-based education programs at Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) schools and makes recommendations to strengthen those programs in the African context. Data were gathered from 12 MEPI schools. All schools reported a number of challenges in meeting the demands of increased student enrollment. Planned strategies used to tackle these challenges include motivating faculty, deploying students across expanded centers, and adopting innovations. Although the programs have similar goals, their strategies for achieving these goals vary. To identify approaches that successfully address the challenges, particularly with increasing enrollment, medical schools need to develop structured models and tools for evaluating the processes, outcomes, and impacts of community-based education programs. Such efforts should be accompanied by training faculty and embracing technology, improving curricula, and using global/regional networking opportunities. CapacityPlus’s Rebecca Bailey and Christopher Deery contributed to this article in the journal’s MEPI supplement issue.

Preservice Education of Community Health Extension Workers, Nurses, and Midwives in Nigeria: Findings and Recommendations from a Rapid Scoping Assessment

Using a modified version of the CapacityPlus Bottlenecks and Best Buys approach, CapacityPlus assessed 19 institutions training targeted health cadres. The intent was to find areas where support by CapacityPlus could assist Nigerian training institutions to maximize the number of newly trained health workers produced between August 2012 and October 2013. Based on the findings, the assessment team recommended six possible activities for CapacityPlus support to schools of midwifery and health technology. (The project subsequently acted on these recommendations in close collaboration with Nigerian stakeholders.)

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