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iHRIS Retain

iHRIS Retain is an open source tool to cost health worker retention interventions. People living in rural and remote areas need more skilled health workers to care for their communities. However, attracting and retaining health workers to serve in these areas is a challenge. Developed by CapacityPlus in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), iHRIS Retain is based on the WHO’s 2010 global policy recommendations on retention, which offer guidance on the different interventions in the areas of education, regulation, financial incentives, and professional development that can increase access to health workers in remote and rural areas through improved retention. iHRIS Retain guides users through the costing process step by step, collecting necessary data, calculating the costs of interventions, and comparing costs to available funding. The resulting information can then be used to develop retention strategies at the district, regional, or national level.

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Preservice Education Toolkit

This toolkit outlines key programmatic steps, highlights lessons learned, and identifies resources to assist country programs, donors, and governments with preservice education programs. CapacityPlus’s Kate Tulenko participated in the technical advisory group for the development of the toolkit.

Guidelines for Forming and Sustaining Human Resources for Health Stakeholder Leadership Groups

Stakeholder leadership guidelinesThese guidelines provide a practical, clear, and user-friendly set of actions that human resources for health (HRH) leaders at the country level can take to successfully launch and sustain stakeholder leadership groups (SLGs). An HRH SLG consists of representatives from all of the key entities involved in planning, producing, managing, and supporting a country’s health workforce. The recommended actions described in this resource are intended to raise the likelihood of forming an SLG that functions well, has a positive impact, and avoids or addresses typical difficulties. Read related news and blog posts. Also available in French and Spanish.

Capacity Project Archived Website

The USAID-funded Capacity Project (2004-2009) preceded CapacityPlus. Its archived website contains tools and resources on planning, developing, and supporting the health workforce, as well as news and project results.

Learning for Performance: A Guide and Toolkit for Health Worker Training and Education Programs

This manual presents a systematic instructional design process and accompanying tools that help connect learning to specific job responsibilities and competencies.

HRH Action Framework

The HRH Action Framework is designed to assist governments and health managers to develop and implement strategies to achieve an effective and sustainable health workforce.

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