Ensemble pour mettre en œuvre les plans relatifs aux effectifs sanitaires

Laurence Codija de l’Alliance mondiale des personnels de santé nous donne son point de vue sur le rôle des groupes d’action des parties prenantes et leurs avancées par rapport aux plans relatifs aux effectifs sanitaires.

Superando el obstáculo de la implementación: poniendo en acción las herramientas para la promoción de recursos humanos en salud

Spanish translation of “Overcoming the hurdle of implementation: Putting human resources for health tools into action.”

Overcoming the Hurdle of Implementation: Putting Human Resources for Health Tools into Action

This article in Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública by CapacityPlus’s deputy director for HRH and health systems strengthening provides guidance for putting health workforce tools into action.

The global human resources for health (HRH) challenge remains persistent. In 2006, the World Health Report identified 57 crisis countries, and, despite increased attention and investment in strengthening the workforce, those countries are still in crisis. While many countries have HRH plans, this paper asserts that a major reason countries remain in crisis is the lack of sustained implementation to achieve concrete workforce strengthening results. It is critical for HRH leaders to take action to ensure that already available tools are disseminated, adapted, and used to foster effective implementation at the country level. The paper highlights four such tools as examples that can be used to build implementation capacity, and offers recommendations to support more results-oriented implementation.

Implementing Health Workforce Plans Together

Laurence Codjia of the Global Health Workforce Alliance shares her views on the role of stakeholder leadership groups in making progress on health workforce plans. Also available in French.

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