Championing a Regional Approach to Health Workforce Planning and Management

This profile of Professor Kayode Odusote draws on CapacityPlus’s technical brief, West Africa’s Regional Approach to Strengthening Health Workforce Information. It is part of the Aspen Institute’s Council Conversation Series: Stories and Solutions.

Administrateur iHRIS: Niveau 1

Ce cours fournit des instructions sur les compétences de base requises pour administrer et personnaliser les logiciels de gestion du système d’information des ressources humaines de CapacityPlusiHRIS Manage et iHRIS Qualify.

iHRIS Manage: A Tool for Managing the Health Workforce

An overview of iHRIS Manage, the HR management component of the iHRIS Suite. Using iHRIS Manage, decision-makers at the Ministry of Health, a district health office, or a health care facility can collect, manage, and analyze detailed information about employed health workers and applicants.

iHRIS Qualify: A Tool for Tracking Health Professionals and Their Qualifications

An overview of iHRIS Qualify, the health professional training, licensing, and certification component of the iHRIS Suite.

iHRIS Administrador: Nivel 1

Este curso producido por el HRH Global Resource Center (el Centro Mundial de Recursos sobre los recursos humanos para la salud) ofrece instrucciones sobre el conjunto de habilidades básicas y necesarias para administrar y personalizar el software del CapacityPlus de sistemas de información de recursos humanos, iHRIS Manage e iHRIS Qualify.

Eliminating Quacks and Improving Health Care in Uganda

The Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council requires doctors and dentists to register and obtain an annual practicing license. Unfortunately “quacks” pose as medical practitioners, offering services without the appropriate training. Dr. Ssentongo Katumba, registrar of the council, explains how a new mobile directory based on mobile technology and the iHRIS software is helping the council identify quacks, as well as helping Ugandans seek services from qualified health workers.

iHRIS Retain

iHRIS Retain is an open source tool to cost health worker retention interventions. People living in rural and remote areas need more skilled health workers to care for their communities. However, attracting and retaining health workers to serve in these areas is a challenge. Developed by CapacityPlus in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), iHRIS Retain is based on the WHO’s 2010 global policy recommendations on retention, which offer guidance on the different interventions in the areas of education, regulation, financial incentives, and professional development that can increase access to health workers in remote and rural areas through improved retention. iHRIS Retain guides users through the costing process step by step, collecting necessary data, calculating the costs of interventions, and comparing costs to available funding. The resulting information can then be used to develop retention strategies at the district, regional, or national level.

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West Africa’s Regional Approach to Strengthening Health Workforce Information

The West African Health Organization is implementing a regional approach to strengthening health workforce information systems, leveraging resources from CapacityPlus, other USAID-funded projects, donors, and global organizations. This technical brief provides an overview of this approach, highlights lessons learned, and provides recommendations for other regions and countries to adopt the approach.

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iHRIS Retain: A Tool to Cost Retention Strategies

An overview of iHRIS Retain, a user-friendly tool to cost retention strategies to be implemented at the district, regional, or national level.

iHRIS Administrator: Level I

To meet countries’ demands to help build their information technology capacity, CapacityPlus’s HRH Global Resource Center launched an eLearning course that provides instructions on the basic skill set needed to administer and customize CapacityPlus’s human resources information systems software, iHRIS Manage and iHRIS Qualify Also available in Spanish and French.

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