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Andrew Brown of People that Deliver: Share Your Stories on Strengthening the Supply Chain Workforce

Andrew Brown is eager to spread the word about what countries are doing to bolster their supply chain workforces. He’s the new executive director for People that Deliver. This global initiative helps countries plan, support, and retain their health supply chain workforces, which are critical for ensuring medicines and other health commodities reach the people who need them.

As part of the CapacityPlus team supporting our activities to strengthen the supply chain workforce, I had the privilege of interviewing Brown as he assumed his position. Read more »

Exploring the Frontier: A Firsthand Perspective on Health Workforce Challenges in South America

Remote regions of the world often face the most challenges accessing health services and health workers. In the frontier areas on the border of Bolivia and Peru, these difficulties are anticipated to intensify with the completion of the transoceanic highway. Intended to link South American ports on the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, the highway will open this rural frontier to increased commerce, traffic and migration, as well as an increased demand for health services. Consequently, with the opening of the highway, incidence of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and other communicable diseases will likely increase. 

CapacityPlus recently conducted a study to learn more about the health workforce providing HIV/AIDS services in this region. Anne Wilson led the team that collected data in Madre de Dios, the Peruvian zone on the borders of Brazil and Bolivia, and, along with the other three team members, facilitated a dissemination workshop that presented findings and recommendations. Anne’s resume is full of high-level HRH experience, including serving as director of the Capacity Project. Read more »

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