Andrew Brown of People that Deliver: Share Your Stories on Strengthening the Supply Chain Workforce

Andrew Brown is eager to spread the word about what countries are doing to bolster their supply chain workforces. He’s the new executive director for People that Deliver. This global initiative helps countries plan, support, and retain their health supply chain workforces, which are critical for ensuring medicines and other health commodities reach the people who need them.

As part of the CapacityPlus team supporting our activities to strengthen the supply chain workforce, I had the privilege of interviewing Brown as he assumed his position.

Brown urges People that Deliver members to share their successes and lessons learned—and he’s especially keen for countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to be an even stronger voice in the discussion. With a decade of experience and marked progress in securing access to reproductive health commodities through efforts of the LAC Contraceptive Security Regional Initiative and other programs, many government and local stakeholders in the LAC region are well positioned to weigh in on the tools, evidence, and advocacy strategies needed to improve supply chain management systems and their related workforces around the world.

Recognizing this opportunity for rich south-to-south exchange of ideas and expertise, Andrew Brown’s words directly address a core group of LAC countries—the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama—that have been collaborating with CapacityPlus to improve access to HIV/AIDS commodities through interventions in human resources, finance, policies, and information systems. He breaks down the main ways countries can interact with the global initiative and how essential it is that successes be shared so the community can grow and members can learn from each other.

For countries that are doing great things to develop their supply chain workforces, People that Deliver offers two main ways for sharing their stories and tools. First, these stories can be submitted in writing via the People that Deliver contact page so they can be incorporated in the initiative’s monthly newsletter. Circulating country experiences and lessons learned through the newsletter ensures that they reach a wide audience outside of the immediate region. Additionally, any tools that have been developed or adapted by countries can be shared by uploading them to the Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSM) Toolbox website. This website is already accessed by many in the supply chain management field and can act as a springboard for tools created and used successfully in LAC countries to be applied in other countries around the world.

Watch the video with Spanish subtitles.

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