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Applying the HRH Action Framework to Develop Sustainable Excellence in the Health Supply Chain Workforce

To ensure that medicines and other health commodities reach the people who need them and contribute to improved health, people in the supply chain management (SCM) field must understand and apply effective approaches for developing and managing supply chain workforces. At the same time, those in the human resources for health (HRH) arena must recognize the crucial role of SCM in health service delivery and ensure that HRH policies, strategies, and plans systematically incorporate the supply chain workforce. The objective of this technical brief is to create a bridge between the SCM and HRH communities by describing how the HRH Action Framework can be applied to strengthen the health supply chain workforce, drawing on lessons learned and successes from applications in the health sector.

“I’m a Health Worker”

This series of one-minute videos features health workers around the world who speak from the heart about their jobs. CapacityPlus created this series to highlight how the project places health workers at the center of its efforts to address the global health workforce shortage.

“That’s Improvement!”: Uganda Focuses on Health Workers

In this short video, meet three Ugandan health workers who love their jobs. Agnes, Habiba, and Alex find joy in serving their clients, but they face many challenges—and there are simply not enough health workers to meet the demand. To improve health services, Uganda is focusing on the people that provide quality care. These efforts are paying off and service delivery has improved. Other countries can access the tools and approaches that Uganda has successfully used. The related website section includes stories, photos, and links to resources.

Applying Stakeholder Leadership Group Guidelines in Ghana: A Case Study

Like many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Ghana faces health worker shortages, limiting the country’s likelihood of meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Working together with the stakeholders and partners that make up the Ghanaian health care system, CapacityPlus supported the revitalization of the Ghana Health Workforce Observatory to address key human resources for health issues. This case study discusses the steps taken to revitalize the observatory through the application of Guidelines for Forming and Sustaining Human Resources for Health Stakeholder Leadership Groups. Success factors that contributed to the Observatory’s revitalization are highlighted, along with challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations.

Creating an Enabling Environment for Human Resources for Health Program Implementation in Three African Countries

Over the past decade, global and national health leaders have increasingly recognized the importance of investing in human resources for health (HRH) in order to scale up service delivery and meet the Millennium Development Goals. This prioritization has resulted in increased attention to and funding for HRH. Despite these advances, insufficient progress has been made in implementing HRH interventions to improve access to qualified health workers. Therefore, this qualitative study was conducted to determine the factors that define the enabling environment for successful implementation of HRH interventions in three countries: Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Sélection d’outils de CapacityPlus en français à l’intention des effectifs sanitaires

CapacityPlus possède un large éventail d’outils disponibles en français. Un nouveau document en donne un aperçu en compilant les outils et les documents de références produits par CapacityPlus et destinés au personnel de santé avec de brèves descriptions et des liens permettant d’accéder aux versions en ligne.

Selected Health Workforce Tools from CapacityPlus

This overview compiles selected tools and resources for the global health workforce from CapacityPlus, and includes brief descriptions and links to online versions. A related overview presents tools and resources that are available in French.

Documents de référence en français produit par le Projet Capacity (2005-2009)

Ensemble de documents de référence en français produit par le Projet Capacity (2005-2009) dont le but était de renforcer les ressources humaines afin de mettre en œuvre des programmes sanitaires de qualité au sein des pays en voie de développement.

Resources in Spanish from the Capacity Project (2005-2009)

Collection of resources in Spanish produced by the Capacity Project (2005-2009), which strengthened human resources to implement quality health programming in developing countries.

HRH Global Resource Center

HRH Global Resource CenterThe HRH Global Resource Center is CapacityPlus’s digital library of human resources for health (HRH) information. The world‘s largest online digital library dedicated to HRH issues in developing countries, it contains approximately 5,000 resources and offers free librarian support. Users can browse by subject, resource type, and geographic area as well as access HRH overviews and special collections. The HRH Global Resource Center’s eLearning platform offers free courses in English, French, and Spanish with certificates of completion.

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