Health Systems Strengthening

La gestion des ressources humaines

Comment pouvons-nous renforcer les systèmes dont les prestataires de soins ont besoin pour fonctionner efficacement ?

Documents de référence en français produit par le Projet Capacity (2005-2009)

Ensemble de documents de référence en français produit par le Projet Capacity (2005-2009) dont le but était de renforcer les ressources humaines afin de mettre en œuvre des programmes sanitaires de qualité au sein des pays en voie de développement.

Resources in Spanish from the Capacity Project (2005-2009)

Collection of resources in Spanish produced by the Capacity Project (2005-2009), which strengthened human resources to implement quality health programming in developing countries.

Human Resources Management

How can we strengthen the systems health workers need to function effectively? This brief presents an overview of the issue of HR management along with suggested actions, key considerations, and resources. Also available in French and Spanish.

Capacity Project Archived Website

The USAID-funded Capacity Project (2004-2009) preceded CapacityPlus. Its archived website contains tools and resources on planning, developing, and supporting the health workforce, as well as news and project results.

Human Resources Management Rapid Assessment Tool

An overview of the HRM Rapid Assessment Tool, which assists policy-makers, managers, and human resources practitioners to understand, assess, and respond to underlying HRM issues and challenges facing the health system.

Updating and Disseminating Guidelines for Family Planning and Reproductive Health: The Role of Health Systems Strengthening

Describes several approaches used to achieve needed changes in service delivery practice, and provides recommendations for actions at the local level.

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