Democratic Republic of the Congo

Greater Support for the DRC’s Social Service Workers Leads to Better Care for Children

This post originally appeared on the Frontline Health Workers Coalition blog.

A young boy—we’ll call him Mani—was living on the streets of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). He had no one to look after him, nowhere to go. He was just nine years old.

Mani’s situation is not unique. One quarter of all Congolese youth under age 18 are considered to be orphans and/or vulnerable children, according to the most recent Demographic and Health Survey. And nine out of ten don’t receive adequate financial, emotional, or other types of support. Read more »

Turning Despair into Hope (and Not Just on World AIDS Day)

“Don’t write about this subject only on World AIDS Day,” said a colleague. She had just returned from the International AIDS Conference and was eager to share what she’d learned.

She makes a good point. People living with HIV do so every day, not just on December 1st.

This World AIDS Day, we celebrate the health workers who support people living with HIV every single day of the year. With every sunrise and sunset, people with HIV need support and care to live positively.  Read more »

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