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The People That Deliver Initiative: Namibia’s Integrated Actions to Improve the Health Supply Chain Management Workforce

In November 2013, Namibia's Minister of Health presented a formal request to the People that Deliver (PtD) Board and member institutions for technical support to develop a sustainable strategy to improve access to health commodities. Led by the government of Namibia and supported by expertise from the People that Deliver Initiative and its members, notably the USAID- and PEPFAR-funded Supply Chain Management System project and CapacityPlus, the PtD-Namibia collaboration sought to understand and improve Namibia’s public sector health supply chain management workforce, focusing on the Ministry of Health and Social Services' immediate priority: staff at the central medical store and regional medical depots. This synthesis report documents the PtD-Namibia collaboration’s findings and outcomes in five priority activity areas as well as its collective results, all of which have great potential to have a positive impact on the country’s supply chain management workforce development and planning.

Comment étendre la formation du personnel de santé au Malawi par le biais de partenariats

Verah Nkosi, étudiante à l'École d'infirmiers de Kamuzu au Malawi, donne son point de vue sur certains défis récurrents ayant trait à l'augmentation de la quantité et de la qualité des diplômés issus des écoles de formation aux professions médicales.

Nurses Needed: Partnering to Scale Up Health Worker Education in Malawi

Verah Nkosi, a nursing-midwifery student at the Kamuzu College of Nursing in Malawi, shares her perspective and illustrates some common challenges for increasing the quantity and quality of graduates from health professional schools. Also available in French.

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