Understanding Health Workforce Productivity at the Facility Level: A New eLearning Course

Rachel DeussomPeople drive health systems. In the words of Vujicic and colleagues, health workers are “gatekeepers and navigators for the effective or wasteful application of all other resources.”

The global health community recognizes that there is “no health without a workforce.” Efforts have been made to train, deploy, and retain more health workers in areas where they are most needed. But beyond this, we need those health workers that are already at their jobs to be productive.

What does this mean? Well, imagine that you are a district health manager. Read more »

Hitting the (Super) Target: Shopping for Tools for Health System Success

Tool [noun]: Anything used as a means of accomplishing a task or purpose1 [emphasis added].
Crystal Ng
At any particular moment, there are likely dozens of international health professionals working on the development or revision of tools, ranging from assessment questions to frameworks and diagrams to software. Think of international health as a Super Target that offers resources for nearly every question you can imagine. When provided the opportunity, we can shop for potential resources manufactured by various organizations, but these resources only become tools when we take the products off the shelf and actually put them into use. Read more »

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