Dominican Republic Advances Work to Strengthen Management of Health Workers

Improving how health workers are managed is key to strengthening the services they deliver. In the Dominican Republic, CapacityPlus is helping the Ministry of Health refine the human resources management (HRM) systems needed to create an enabling environment for the health workforce to perform effectively.

Participants in Dominican Republic human resources management trainingHRM focuses on people—how they fit within a health system; how they are hired, trained, paid, and supported; and how they can be most productive. Weak HRM systems, policies, and practices hinder countries’ efforts to strengthen their health workforce, undermining efforts to improve health.

In July, CapacityPlus’s Wanda Jaskiewicz trained human resources managers from the Ministry of Health in data collection for a rapid situational analysis on HRM in Dominican hospitals. She facilitated a three-day training to validate the data collection tools and train the central and regional HR managers to use the tools. To collect data, these managers will interview hospital directors and hospital-level HR managers and conduct focus group discussions with nurses and doctors in nine regions.

Data collection will take place over three weeks in August. Data entry will occur simultaneously as the completed tools are brought in from the field, and workshop to analyze the data with all HR managers will take place in October.

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Photo by Ana Laura Concepción. (Ana Paulino, Region VIII HR analyst, and Yahaira Pérez Martinez, Region I HR unit manager)