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Gender Discrimination and Health Workforce Development: An Advocacy Tool

Health professional education systems play a pivotal role in developing competent, motivated health workers who are vital to the delivery of high-quality family planning, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, and other essential health services. This online tool outlines recommended combinations of gender transformative interventions to counter various forms of gender discrimination in learning environments, and provides advocacy strategies for stakeholders to develop plans to create, implement, and enforce conducive environments, equal opportunity, and nondiscrimination policies. The tool draws from a technical report and technical brief published by CapacityPlus on strengthening the health worker pipeline through gender transformative strategies.

Intended for use by ministries of education, deans, administrators, and other preservice education stakeholders to implement policy, program, and advocacy interventions, the tool is organized into four topic areas: 1) understanding the effects of gender discrimination; 2) considering interventions for action; 3) developing strategies to advocate for gender equality and equal opportunity; and 4) accessing resources to learn more about gender discrimination and the health workforce.