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Assessment of Preservice Education eLearning Courses Using the QStream Platform

This report assesses two eLearning courses developed by CapacityPlus that are offered through QStream, a learning platform that uses a spaced, repeated question-and-answer format that has been shown to improve the retention of knowledge over time. The Private Sector Participation in Preservice Health Education course provides an overview of factors bearing on the success of private sector involvement in educating health workers. It explores the similarities between public and private institutions; challenges for private schools; and business models in use by private preservice education institutions. It was developed for learners who are engaged in leading private preservice education institutions in low- and middle-income countries. 

The Innovative Financing for Preservice Education of Health Professionals course is based upon work completed in collaboration with the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, and the Global Health Workforce Alliance. It looks at the fundamentals of financing for preservice education, and includes examples of health preservice institutions that have applied innovative financing schemes. The course targets school leaders, ministries of health and of education, planning and budget professionals, professional associations, and other stakeholders engaged in managing health professional institutions.