Conducting HR Management Training in the Dominican Republic

How can country health leaders improve the working environment for health workers, so they perform more effectively? In the Dominican Republic, the Ministry of Health is taking steps to improve its human resources management (HRM), which includes how health workers are hired, trained, paid, and supported, and how they can be most productive.

In February, CapacityPlus’s Wanda Jaskiewicz joined CapacityPlus staff in the Dominican Republic, Sonia Brito-Anderson and Yudelka Lerebours, to facilitate the first half of an HRM course for 27 Ministry HR managers. The three-day training included the following topics:

  • Human resources professionals as leaders and advocates for the health workforce
  • Health workforce information systems
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Health workforce planning.

The training received compliments from the Ministry’s HR director, Jocelyn Puente, for providing her staff with the latest trends in HR management. Participants are eagerly awaiting part two of the course and requested hands-on training in workforce projection approaches—currently neither short- or long-term health workforce planning is conducted.

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Photo courtesy of Wanda Jaskiewicz. (Training participants)