Strengthening HR Management in the Dominican Republic: A Leadership Program’s Impact

Strengthening the management of a country’s health workforce is an essential component of improving service delivery. However, human resources management systems are often weak, and the role of HR professionals can be widely misunderstood.

In the Dominican Republic, CapacityPlus is supporting the Ministry of Health’s efforts to strengthen HR management and improve health outcomes. A three-part program in leadership and management for central and regional HR managers focused on key topics such as:

  • Diana SantanaHR professionals’ role as advocates for the health workforce
  • HR information systems
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Labor market and workforce planning
  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Workplace environment
  • Performance management
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

In the latest edition of CapacityPlus Voices, “Everything Changed”: An HR Manager’s Path to Strengthening the Health System, Diana Santana shares how the leadership and management program equipped her to make a transformation.

“Everything changed after the training I received from the CapacityPlus project that has taught me to grow as a person and as a professional,” Diana says. Now, “I can defend my views and negotiate with my superiors. When something is not right, I have to point it out and be able to explain why.” And that’s exactly what she did. To learn more, read CapacityPlus Voices #14 and Diana’s story in her own words.

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Photo by Elisa Elena González (Diana Santana)