Stakeholder Leadership Groups: Learning from Kenya and Uganda

As part of a study on stakeholder leadership groups, CapacityPlus staff members Erik Reavely, from lead partner IntraHealth International, and George Mgomella, from associate partner African Population & Health Research Center, recently interviewed members of the Health Workforce Observatory in Kenya and the Health Workforce Advisory Board in Uganda.

Edward Mukooyo, Health Workforce Advisory Board, UgandaThey talked to 22 members about their experiences in these two stakeholder leadership groups. Analysis of the interview transcripts is ongoing. The study will provide insights, recommendations, and lessons learned concerning what conditions contribute to the success and sustainability of stakeholder leadership groups.

Preliminary findings
In Kenya, the Health Workforce Observatory has had only one meeting of the full membership since the inception of the group at the Capacity Project’s 2009 Professional Development and Leadership Sustainability Workshop in Kilaguna. However, core members of the group from the Ministry of Health have been busy meeting and assembling information for a country profile that will inform the group’s human resources for health decision-making and objectives.

The Health Workforce Advisory Board in Uganda is a well established group that has achieved significant benchmarks in implementing its strategic plans to update the country’s human resources information system. These members have established productive working relationships among the Ministry of Health, the health professional associations, and universities. Information-sharing has become not only routine, but the standard for human resources for health decision-making in the country.

One lesson learned from Kenya
While in this early stage, it would be helpful for more peripheral members to be routinely updated on the status of the process so that they are aware of what is transpiring, and could also offer assistance to those working at the core of the group.

One lesson learned from Uganda
The sustainability of stakeholder leadership groups would increase if they established an independent administrative secretariat and diversified funding sources so that they can continue beyond the support of any given donor project.


Photo: Carol Bales. (Edward Mukooyo of the Health Workforce Advisory Board, Uganda)