Our Experts

Our Experts

Sarah DwyerSarah Dwyer, IntraHealth International, Communications Manager
Sarah Dwyer is an experienced communications professional with a special interest in demonstrating the impact of global health work in human terms. She managed communications for the USAID-funded Capacity Project and wrote the popular Voices from the Capacity Project series. For CapacityPlus she contributes communications expertise in strategic planning, video and media projects, publications, writing and editing, social media, and websites, always aiming to help people give voice to their experiences. Sarah holds a master’s degree in international studies from the City University of New York Graduate Center and a bachelor’s degree from Vassar College.


  • Strategic communications
  • Writing
  • Video and multimedia production
  • Website management and social media
  • Editing and production of publications

Selected Publications
Dwyer, Sarah. 2014. “I made some changes”: A nurse/midwife’s experience with leadership and management training. Maternal Health Task Force. http://www.mhtf.org/2014/07/31/i-made-some-changes-a-nurse-midwifes-expe...

Dwyer, Sarah, and Carol Bales. 2013. “That’s improvement!”: Uganda focuses on health workers. CapacityPlus. http://www.capacityplus.org/ugandahealthworkers

Dwyer, Sarah, and Geeta Sharma. 2013. Frontline health workers’ key role in improving nutrition. Impatient Optimists; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. http://www.impatientoptimists.org/Posts/2013/06/Frontline-Health-Workers...

Dwyer, Sarah, and Maurice Middleberg. 2012. A ‘best buy’ for saving lives. ONE. http://one.org/blog/2012/01/19/a-best-buy-for-saving-lives

Deussom, Rachel, Wanda Jaskiewicz, Sarah Dwyer, and Kate Tulenko. 2012. Holding health workers accountable: Governance approaches to reducing absenteeism. Washington, DC: CapacityPlus. http://www.capacityplus.org/files/resources/holding-health-workers-accou...

Odusote, Kayode, Carol Bales, Sarah Dwyer, and Dykki Settle. 2012. West Africa’s regional approach to strengthening health workforce information. Washington, DC: CapacityPlus. http://www.capacityplus.org/files/resources/west-africa-regional-approac...

Dwyer, Sarah, and Carol Bales. 2009. From Kampala to the districts: Linking data, saving lives. Chapel Hill, NC: IntraHealth International.


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