Human Resources for Health Planning Retreat Held in Ghana to Support National Health Sector Goals

In May, CapacityPlus staff Paul Marsden and Kathy Alison facilitated a four-day drafting team retreat in Ghana to assist the Ghanaian government to develop its new five-year human resources (HR) policy and strategy for the health sector. The retreat was aimed at:

  • Reviewing health workforce progress within the health sector against existing workforce-related policies and plans
  • Prioritizing emerging themes and key issues from its health workforce situational analysis findings
  • Outlining next steps for completion of the planned five-year Human Resource Policy & Strategy for the Health Sector (2012-2016).

Planning retreat teamCapacityPlus’s current portfolio of health workforce support to Ghana is part of country-led efforts to strengthen HR management systems, the functioning of the Ghana Health Workforce Observatory, and national HR information systems roll-out.

Going forward, CapacityPlus will continue to support and facilitate the work of government agencies and implementing partners to put in place the capacity and functioning systems that will be needed for the implementation and monitoring of new HR policy and strategy. In doing so, the project helps sustain improvements in the production, deployment, utilization, and performance of the health workforce in line with Government of Ghana’s national development goals.

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Photo courtesy of Paul Marsden. (HR Policy and Strategy “Drafting Team” at planning retreat, Ghana)