Picturing Our Work: Scaling Up Health Worker Education

What’s the woman in this photo smiling about? Where in the world was it taken?

Felicia Humbe

It has to be the preservice education of health workers in Nigeria!

This is Felicia Humbe. She’s the principal of the School of Health Technology, Agasha in Benue State. Like other countries, Nigeria is scaling up health worker education to address its shortage of health workers. CapacityPlus is supporting this school and 10 others to increase the quality of training, number of graduates, and number of midwives and community health extension workers deployed to health facilities around the country.

Heather Ross captured this happy scene on a recent trip to explore how CapacityPlus could best help schools reach their educational goals. She peeked to the front of a chemistry classroom, where students were studying to become community health extension workers, a type of frontline health worker. “Over the course of two weeks in Nigeria, I was welcomed into many schools by men and women who truly want the best for their students and the people of that country,” she recalls. “Mrs. Humbe is so proud of her school and its students. I’m happy to be able to work with her!”

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Photo by Heather Ross