Out of Midwifery School and Hard at Work

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Now that smile is contagious!

Rosaline Osanebi delivered these beautiful twins during her clinical rotation at the Zuma Memorial School of Midwifery in Edo State, Nigeria.

She’s one of 2,065 students who earned scholarships from CapacityPlus.Rosaline Osanebi


Nigeria is increasing its number of midwives and community health workers with support from CapacityPlus to help students like Rosaline at risk of dropping out due to financial reasons.

Before Rosaline received the scholarship, she and her mother were borrowing money to pay her school fees and other expenses.

“It’s not easy with me here in school,” Rosaline says. She recently graduated and passed her qualifying exams and is now looking for a post to help more mothers have safe deliveries.

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Photo courtesy of Heather Ross