New Project to Strengthen HIV/AIDS Care in Central America

USAID/Guatemala has awarded IntraHealth International a $6.8 million, five-year cooperative agreement under the CapacityPlus project: Strengthening the Quality of Care and Improving the Quality of Life for People Living with HIV and Other Vulnerable Populations.

Nurse and patient in PanamaThis new program builds on previous and current IntraHealth efforts in the Central American region through the Capacity Project (the predecessor to CapacityPlus) and will take place in Belize, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama.

The program will be implemented through two components:

  • A regional component to enhance the Continuum of Care Strategy in Central American countries (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Panama)
  • A bilateral component to expand the Continuum of Care Strategy to improve the quality of life for people living with HIV and other vulnerable populations in Guatemala.

IntraHealth will support the systematization and institutionalization of project strategies that strengthen the ability of ministries of health, social security institutes, and multisectoral Continuum of Care networks to sustain quality and performance.

IntraHealth’s technical approach emphasizes promoting local capacity, ownership, and stewardship of all project outcomes and interventions to strengthen health systems to offer and sustain quality services for HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections. The program will be led by Dr. Yadira Villaseñor and Dr. Walter Lopez.

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Photo by Trevor Snapp. (Nurse meets with patient in his home, Panama)