Helping Health Workers Respond to Relief Efforts in Haiti

In Haiti, health workers have been doing all they can since January’s earthquake to help communities in need. The HRH Global Resource Center (GRC), CapacityPlus’s digital library of human resources for health information, recently contributed to the Haiti Relief Toolkit produced by Knowledge for Health, a USAID-supported project. The toolkit provides technical and practical information to help health workers respond to the relief efforts.

Flag of HaitiProviding tailored searches for key materials
CapacityPlus’s Rebecca Rhodes set up dynamic searches for materials in French, resources related to postdisaster human resources for health, and Haiti-specific documents. These tailored search strings of GRC materials were integrated with the toolkit’s resource library and are now incorporated as embedded links in the toolkit.

The GRC collection is constantly updated and expanded, so with the tailored GRC search links, the Haiti Relief Toolkit will provide access to all the latest materials with no need to update the resource listings. The toolkit will also help to bring users in need of additional information to the GRC, where they can receive assistance in finding resources through the GRC’s librarian support service.

A CapacityPlus key resource
More than 40,000 visitors each month from over 170 countries visit the HRH Global Resource Center. Since the launch of CapacityPlus, the GRC has grown its collection to over 2,400 resources, and created the first HRH subject glossary that defines the 104 topics we use to classify the state of the evidence in HRH today.