Our Experts

Our Experts

David NelsonDavid Nelson, IntraHealth International, Assistant Director of Communications and Knowledge Management
David Nelson has been a professional writer and editor for 20 years and brings expertise in documentary studies, storytelling, project management, and production of publications. He has led or managed communications for three USAID global projects: CapacityPlus, the Capacity Project, and PRIME II. Nelson has coauthored articles in Global HealthLink, Human Resources for Health, and the North Carolina Medical Journal. Previously, he served as the longtime editor of Living Blues, an internationally distributed magazine on African-American music and culture.


  • Strategic communications
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Production of publications
  • Communications for USAID projects

Selected Publications
Gaye, Pape A., and David Nelson. 2009. “Effective scale-up: Avoiding the same old traps.” Human Resources for Health 7:2. http://www.human-resources-health.com/content/7/1/2

Nelson, David, and Amal Redwan. 2005. "Community advocacy against female genital cutting.” HealthLink 130. http://www.globalhealth.org/publications/article.php3?id=1248

Nelson, David. 2003. “Mobilizing communities for obstetric and neonatal emergencies.”  HealthLink 122. http://www.globalhealth.org/publications/article.php3?id=1019

Nelson, David. 2002. “At work they are my second eyes: Glasses for midwives,” HealthLink 118. http://www.globalhealth.org/publications/article.php3?id=879

Stilwell, Barbara, and David Nelson. 2010. Linking challenges, sharing solutions: The global crisis in human resources for health. North Carolina Medical Journal 71(5):464-466. http://www.ncmedicaljournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/C_stilwell_07...

MA, University of Mississippi

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