Where We Work


A major challenge for Botswana’s health sector has been the lack of access to high-quality data on the health workforce. Beginning in 2009, CapacityPlus worked with the Ministry of Health and key health training and professional institutions to strengthen their capacity to effectively manage and use health workforce information for policy, planning, and human resources management. This included support for deployment of iHRIS health workforce information systems (initially to two referral hospitals and three districts), creation of a national iHRIS portal, and transition of iHRIS implementation at the national, district, and institutional levels from the project to the Ministry. As part of this initiative, the project supported the Ministry and partners to standardize health worker job titles, facilitating interoperability between iHRIS, HR, and payroll systems. The project also assisted training institutions, professional councils, and the national Institutes for Health Sciences to implement iHRIS for tracking preservice education, in-service training, and professional licensure and registration, and to establish a national health training and skills development database to inform health policy development and planning.

Photo by Carl Leitner