Countries are striving to meet the demand for family planning, end preventable child and maternal deaths, and achieve an AIDS-free generation, Yet many must overcome the health workforce challenges, among other factors, which hamper the quality of family planning, reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, maternal and child health, and other health services. With the global health workforce crisis now more than ever, there is a critical need to improve the productivity of the existing health workforce and maximize service delivery efficiencies to ensure the availability of quality health services, accessible to populations and make further progress toward universal health coverage.


The Health Workforce Productivity Analysis and Improvement Toolkit describes a step-wise process to measure the productivity of facility-based health workers, understand the underlying causes of productivity problems, and identify potential interventions to address them and improve health service delivery and achieve health goals. This toolkit focuses specifically on the productivity of facility-based health workers and not that of the health system as a whole.

The step by step guide helps facility managers and supervisors to calculate and compare health workforce productivity across facilities, understand the underlying causes of productivity problems and identify potential interventions to address them.

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