Intended users

The toolkit is designed for use by a variety of national stakeholders who can assist health workers at the facility level to improve their productivity and contribute to meeting health program goals. Potential users include:

  • Health program and facility managers and supervisors
  • District/regional/provincial health management teams
  • Human resources for health (HRH) managers
  • Individuals providing technical assistance to those mentioned above.

The toolkit’s methods can also be integrated in routine supervision to support health workers in improving their productivity. Local supervisors can be instrumental in helping to understand some of the underlying causes of productivity challenges and in monitoring productivity and progress on implementation of productivity improvement interventions.

Of course, it is helpful if users (or at least one person involved in the productivity assessment exercise) have a basic familiarity with service statistics and HRH data, but they do not need to have high-level skills in statistics, economics, or public health research. However, due to the extensive use of qualitative research methods in the toolkit, we recommend either including someone with skills and experience in conducting qualitative assessments on the productivity assessment team or having someone with these skills available to respond to any questions and provide assistance as needed.