Stage 3: Conduct qualitative productivity assessment


To select the possible interventions that can improve health workforce productivity at the health facility level, you must first have a better understanding of the underlying causes of low health workforce productivity. This requires collecting descriptive information at the health facility level using qualitative assessment methodologies.

Health managers and facility supervisors can use a variety of different methodologies to collect data at the health facility level to analyze the productivity problems and their underlying causes in greater depth. The methods vary in terms of the type of data collected and the time and other resources needed to apply them to the target groups and analyze the information obtained. In this toolkit, we recommend using the following methods based on their practicality:


Productivity Problem Assessment Methods
Health facility inefficiencies
  • Health worker flow mapping
  • Health worker focus group discussions¬†
Health worker absenteeism
  • Community focus group discussions
  • Health worker focus group discussions
Low patient demand
  • Community focus group discussions
  • Health worker focus group discussions¬†


A template for each method is available in Tools & Resources. You will need to adapt the tools to your specific context. We also recommend that you pretest the tools at a facility not included in your sample to ensure that the tools are understandable and effective as well as to serve as practice for the data collection team.

Informed consent

Before collecting any data, you will need to obtain informed consent from health workers and community members to take part in the assessment. In order to provide their consent, the

participants must be informed about the purpose of the assessment, what their role will be, how the data will be used, issues of confidentiality, and any benefits or risks involved.

These sample informed consent forms can be adapted to your context.

Health Worker Informed Consent Form

Community Informed Consent Form