Resource requirements

To assist you in preparing and planning for the productivity assessment, we provide the following list of suggested resource requirements, though the exact inputs will depend on each situation and your specific context.

  • Productivity assessment team. The team should include local stakeholders and decision-makers from the central, regional, and/or district levels. The number of team members will depend on the extent of the data collection efforts (e.g., how many health facilities you include in the study sample). Because the majority of suggested data collection methods are qualitative in nature, we recommend either including someone with qualitative research skills and experience on the team or having someone with these skills available to respond to any questions and to provide assistance as needed.
  • Data collection tools. You will need to adapt the data collection tools to your context (see samples and templates in Tools & Resources); pretest them to ensure their appropriateness, understandability, and usability; and make further refinements based on the pretest. Data collectors should be equipped with printed data collection forms, pens, clipboards, and other such items.
  • Data collector training. To ensure familiarity with the tools and consistency in data collection, team members should receive training on using the data collection tools. Training should clarify the terms and purpose of the questions in the tools, go over how to record data on provided forms, review communication skills for leading focus group discussions, and build in practice opportunities (e.g., as part of pre-testing the tools) for applying the assessment tools and analyzing their results.
  • Vehicles, fuel, and drivers. The number of vehicles and drivers required will depend on the geographical distribution, size of assessment team, and number of health facilities included in the assessment sample.
  • Per diems. Depending on the distance traveled, data collectors may require a per diem to cover meals and lodging during field work.
  • Computer equipment. You may wish to have access to computers and a projector for management of qualitative data and to make presentations during stakeholder meetings.