Worksheet Help


To save data to a worksheet, click the “Save” button at the bottom of each step’s page.  All your saved worksheets can be accessed at "My Worksheets". The first time you click "Save," a new worksheet named "Untitled Worksheet" will open.

To name your worksheet, click the “Open” button.

The worksheet open at Stage 1, Step 1. Click the “Rename” button. You will be prompted to replace the text in gray italics (“Untitled Worksheet”) with the new name for your worksheet.



To remove a saved worksheet, click the "Delete" button.






To share your worksheet with other registered toolkit users, click the “Share” button.






You will be directed to a page on which you should type the name of the registered user with whom you would like to share the worksheet. This user will now be able to access, edit, and save data for the shared worksheet when s/he clicks on “My Worksheets.”


To remove a registered user from being able to access, edit, and save data for a shared worksheet, click the “Share” button.





You will then see the list of all registered users with access to the worksheet. To the right of the registered user’s name, click “Remove” to remove her/him from accessing the worksheet.


If you have any difficulty managing your worksheets, please contact us.

If you now want to enter data for a new comparison group of health facilities (e.g., you have just finished entering data for health centers and you would now like to enter data for hospitals), click the “New Worksheet” button on the “My Worksheets” page.


Then all data inputted will be collected under this new worksheet, which will be called “Untitled Worksheet” until you click the “Rename” button to give it a new name different from your other worksheets.