Factors to consider: Infrastructure issues

Health IT professionals in UgandaFacilities
Is additional space needed to hold the program (e.g., administrative, classroom, lab, distance teaching facilities, laboratories, dorms)? Will students need access to the Internet? Can this space be shared with other programs? Can the space be rented rather than purchased or built?

What equipment is needed? Both administrative and technical equipment may be needed, such as photocopiers, computers, and other equipment students are likely to encounter in their future jobs. How much will this equipment cost and how will it be procured and maintained? Can the equipment be shared with other institutions or programs?

Is there a need to expand an existing library or establish a new one? Consider the fact that a paper collection may not be needed, but that a digital library will need a physical space as well as librarians and access to the Internet. Most digital libraries can be accessed free via Satellife, eGranary, and other platforms.

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