Next steps

Health worker in IndiaSince the Bottlenecks and Best Buys approach is new, there are not yet data on how the findings and recommendations have been applied in the pilot schools. However, feedback from the early application institutions has been positive, and indications are that actions will likely be taken as a result. Refinement of the approach is ongoing based on these experiences, and CapacityPlus plans to finalize and disseminate the complete bottlenecks and best buys package in 2013. A modified form of this approach has been used in nursing and midwifery schools as part of the Nursing Education Partnership Initiative (NEPI) program in order to determine their current capacity and the bottlenecks and best buys for scaling up. Over the next few years, NEPI will assist these schools with scale-up. The lessons learned from their scale-up will provide an opportunity to evaluate and improve the Bottlenecks and Best Buys approach.  

CapacityPlus will continue to work with other international organizations and donors active in scaling up the health workforce in order to coordinate investments at the school, national, and regional level.

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