Conclusion and recommendations

Deployment of an HRIS can help track and support a country’s health workforce. Ensuring the standardization of the data within the system is essential to enabling stakeholders and policy-makers to make the best HRH decisions to address health workforce challenges. Five key recommendations to establish and promote HRIS data quality are to:

  1. Standardize and aggregate data to ensure consistency among different systems
  2. Link HRIS with the already established HIS standards so that different systems can aggregate and map the same data
  3. Consider international standards so that HRH information can be compared at the regional and global levels
  4. Take a measured pace and engage a sufficiently broad HRH stakeholder leadership group and other key collaborators who have the authority to manage and establish national systems and standards
  5. Engage and build the capacity of both data users and data producers, including members of a stakeholder leadership group, so they are well placed to successfully aggregate, analyze, and make good use of HRIS data when they become available.