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  • Health worker with client and baby

    Improving Health Workforce Leadership and Management in Uganda

    Dr. John Baptist Waniaye was working as a medical officer when he realized he wanted to take on a new role. “I opted to go into management for health [because] I realized that there are gaps which when you’re a leader and a manager you can easily fix and make the environment very good for the health workers. And that is my drive—I want to see that health workers have what they need in order to... [Read More]

  • Patients at Dokolo Health Center IV

    Strengthening Health Workforce Data for Improved Health Service Delivery

    “My office is like a web. All information about human resources is needed in my office,” explains Ojulun Joreme. He’s the principal personnel officer for Dokolo District in Uganda. “Left and right I have to keep giving out information about each individual.” Ojulun is in charge of supplying human resources information to district leaders so they can make decisions about the health workforce. But... [Read More]

  • Client at health center

    Using Data to Successfully Advocate for Health Workforce Funding

    In Mbale District, Uganda, one exhausted midwife—widely loved by her community and usually fantastic at her job—found herself snapping at her clients and being rude. For days, she’d been working without rest at a clinic that offers 24-hour maternity care. And she was burned out.She’s not alone. The country’s vast shortage of health workers has left almost half the jobs in the health sector empty... [Read More]

  • Nurse with family planning client

    Health Workers: Key to Family Planning and Reproductive Health

    “To talk about sexual and reproductive health, and not to talk about human resources for health—then the equation is not complete,” says Patrick Mugirwa, a program officer with Partners in Population and Development (PPD) Africa Regional Office. “So for PPD to have meaningful advocacy for sexual and reproductive health, of necessity human resources for health must be one of the major components... [Read More]

  • Health worker at Mulago National Referral Hospital

    Two Projects Working Together to Strengthen the Health Workforce in Uganda

    How can a global project and a country-specific project work together to strengthen the health workforce and increase access to quality care? What about in Uganda, where there are only 14 doctors, nurses, and midwives for every 10,000 people? The CapacityPlus global project and the Uganda Capacity Program are both funded by USAID and led by IntraHealth International. CapacityPlus has worked in... [Read More]

  • Health workers in Mukono District

    Addressing Gender Inequality in Uganda’s Health Workforce

    Constance Newman, IntraHealth International’s senior team lead for gender equality and health, presents the following case to demonstrate how the Uganda Capacity Program is assisting the Ministry of Health to apply gender research results to improve leadership, governance, and management of the health workforce.Human resources management policies and practices that promote nonviolence,... [Read More]

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CapacityPlus is a USAID-funded project led by IntraHealth International that has worked in over 20 countries to address the global health workforce shortage. In Uganda, CapacityPlus is partnering with the Uganda Capacity Program to support the Ugandan government’s efforts to strengthen its health workforce and increase access to quality care. The country has only 14 doctors, nurses, and midwives for every 10,000 people, far below the 23 recommended by the World Health Organization. By focusing on the people who provide quality care in Uganda, service delivery is improving. Other countries can make improvements by adapting the tools and approaches that Uganda has successfully used.

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