HRH Global Resource Center Creates Subject Guide on Faith-Based Organizations

CapacityPlus’s HRH Global Resource Center has produced a new subject guide on faith-based organizations (FBOs). The guide provides information on the significant role of FBOs in human resources for health and health infrastructure.

HRH Global Resource CenterIn many African countries, FBOs have been providing health care for a century or more and play a major role in the provision of health services. A 2007 paper by the World Health Organization estimated that between 30% and 70% of the health infrastructure in Africa is owned by FBOs. Their contributions to national health services range from hospitals, clinics, and community- and home-based programs. FBOs often have strong relationships with the local communities and are located in rural areas where other providers are not available.

The HRH Global Resource Center’s collection includes materials on FBOs, including their influence on HIV/AIDS, family planning, and maternal health. There are also resources on FBOs’ role in training and supporting health workers. Selected resources include:

The HRH Global Resource Center is CapacityPlus’s digital library of human resources for health information. Its subject guides introduce the fundamental topics in the global health workforce crisis, provide links to topical information within the site, and recommend additional articles on current research and promising practices.

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