Our Experts

Our Experts

Sara Pacqué-MargolisSara Pacqué-Margolis, IntraHealth International, Director of Monitoring and Evaluation
Sara Pacqué-Margolis has over 25 years of global health experience in program and policy development, project management, program monitoring and evaluation, research, teaching, and training. Her previous roles include director of program monitoring and evaluation at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, senior advisor for strategic information with the Office of the US Global AIDS Coordinator/PEPFAR, and several positions with USAID/Washington, including senior HIV/AIDS advisor for Africa, senior technical advisor for MEASURE Evaluation, and Africa regional coordinator for the PHN Center. Pacqué-Margolis has held field positions in Mali as a research fellow at the Center for Applied Research on Population and Development and as the population advisor for USAID. She also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Pacqué-Margolis earned her Master’s of Public Health and completed additional training in demography from the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health.


  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Family planning and reproductive health
  • Health information systems
  • Project management
  • Global health policy
  • Organizational development
  • Applied research
  • Teaching and training

Selected Publications
Guéye, M., S. Pacqué-Margolis, M. Kanthiébo, and M. Konaté. 1993. Family structure, education, child fostering and children's work in the Kayes and Yelimane circles of Mali: Results of focus groups. In Fertility, family size, and structure: consequences for families and children: proceedings of a Population Council seminar, New York, 9-10 June 1992, ed. Cynthia B. Lloyd.

Pacqué-Margolis, Sara. 2003."Challenges in monitoring and evaluation of population, health and nutrition programs: An introduction." MEASURE Evaluation Bulletin, 5: 1-2.
Pacqué-Margolis, Sara. 1997. "Population policy, research and the Cairo Plan of Action: New directions for the Sahel?" International Family Planning Perspectives, 23 no. 2: 86-89.

Pacqué-Margolis, S., Z. Dukuley, J. Boetang, and H.R. Taylor.1990. "Application of the verbal autopsy during a clinical trial." Social Science and Medicine, 31 no. 5: 585-591.

Pacqué-Margolis, S., M. Guéye, and M. Thomé. 1993. Republic of the Gambia: Gambian contraceptive prevalence and fertility determinants survey. Bamako, Mali: Center for Applied Research on Population and Development, Sahel Institute, et al.


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