Accelerating Progress on Health Workforce Plans

One obstacle to faster progress on the global health workforce crisis is the difficulty in putting strategies into action. How can countries engage the right stakeholders to make progress on their health workforce plans? Coordinating bodies, or stakeholder leadership groups, can help remove barriers to implementation.

Laurence CodjiaThe outcome statement from the Second Global Forum on Human Resources for Health advised that “health workforce coordination mechanisms should be established to foster synergies among stakeholders.” In the latest edition of CapacityPlus Voices, "Implementing health workforce plans together," Laurence Codjia of the Global Health Workforce Alliance shares her views on stakeholder leadership groups.

“Even if you have a technically good plan, if you have not involved the stakeholders it will be very difficult to implement it,” says Codjia. “If all of the key stakeholders who have the power on production and management of the human resources for health are not involved, we will not achieve our results.” Typically a stakeholder leadership group consists of representatives from all of the key entities that develop and manage a country’s health workforce.

Last month’s CapacityPlus Voices, "Country action for the health workforce: A powerful framework, highlighted the HRH Action Framework from the perspectives of health-sector leaders in Pakistan and Papua New Guinea.

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Photo by Laura Wurts. (Laurence Codjia)