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Selected Health Workforce Tools from CapacityPlus

This overview compiles selected tools and resources for the global health workforce from CapacityPlus, and includes brief descriptions and links to online versions. A related overview presents tools and resources that are available in French.

CapacityPlus End-of-Project Event Agenda

Agenda for the CapacityPlus end-of-project event on September 17, 2015, in Arlington, Virginia.

Contributions to the Medical Education Partnership Initiative

Overview of CapacityPlus's support to build the capacity of MEPI-supported schools in three technical areas: graduate tracking, eLearning, and community-based education (CBE).

Better Data, Stronger Health Workforce: The Open Source iHRIS Approach

An overview of the free open source iHRIS platform of health workforce information tools and software. The iHRIS software suite consists of five interoperable applications that allow health workforce leaders and managers to plan, develop, and manage a health workforce efficiently and effectively to meet national or institutional health objectives. Read more »

iHRIS Train: An Open Source Tool for Managing Health Worker Training

An overview of iHRIS Train, open source software for managing data on the education of health professionals. iHRIS Train is part of the iHRIS software for health workforce management.

Rural Health Worker Retention Tools

Provides an overview of CapacityPlus’s tools for attracting and retaining health workers in rural and remote areas.

CapacityPlus Brochure

An introduction to the CapacityPlus global project. Also available in French and Spanish.

iHRIS Qualify: A Tool for Tracking Health Professionals and Their Qualifications

An overview of iHRIS Qualify, the health professional training, licensing, and certification component of the iHRIS Suite.